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Behind Halcyon Executive, a challenge shared with our clients: helping senior executives to contribute to the development of organisations and the uplifting of talents, to turn human resources as a means of distinction, innovation and sustainable performance. Combining expertise, empathy and innovation, Halcyon Executive strives to bring out all the skills and qualities of the profiles we discover, with audacity and creativity.

We have thereby a positive and lasting impact on the lives of individuals and their organisations.

Our team of multi-specialists gathers passionate profiles and is determined to build trusting relationships and draw on the personalities, expertise and motivations of each member. Halcyon Executive thus ensures a made-to-measure consultancy to the structures and unique profiles we support.

Our consulting approach is tailored to each need:

  • We master the latest developments in our fields of intervention, in order to offer strategic advisory and recruitment solutions with proactiveness and dynamism. 
  • We conduct in-depth analysis and dispose of unique and innovative methods to find the most suitable talent and enhance the attractiveness of each type of organisation.
  • We develop a deep understanding of ecosystems to provide vision and success in the short, medium and long term, both locally and internationally.


“Reach the unreachable” could be Julien Perez’s motto.
Always interested in human relations and skill puzzles, this international relations enthusiast has been forging his expertise for nearly 20 years in various positions of responsibility. Having started his career in the French public and political sphere, he then becomes Deputy Managing Director of a consulting firm specialising in executive search and recruitment. There, he develops a strong capacity to federate and share his experience with the organisations he advises and the people he guides. Convinced that the optimisation of human resources is the main key that unlocks the optimal operation of institutions and companies, his desire to share his unique know-how led him to become an entrepreneur himself. Halcyon Executive was born. 

It is in the most complex situations that Julien Perez fully reveals his sensitivity and skills. He knows how to map organisations and identify their growth opportunities, analyse local problems and propose relevant solutions, and listen to individuals in order to reveal their full potential. 

This strong identity naturally infuses the guiding principle of Halcyon Executive. Team spirit and operational flow are omnipresent, in order to best advise each profile, and to maintain common values. Energy, loyalty, strategy and determination guarantee the success of the Halcyon Executive method.


Our ability to understand and embrace the challenges of organisations and the desires of talents shows our expertise and commitment. We build trusting relationships with each of our clients and take into account systemic relationships to meet their needs and establish transparent and sustainable collaborations.