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Why work with us?

Executive search
Leadership advisory
Organisational strategy consultancy

Our mission:

  • to understand the personality, dreams, potentials and motivations of individuals to ensure a perfect match between people and organisation;
  • to absorb the organisation, its people’s mapping, ecosystem and project its evolution to find the right articulation and allow its success;
  • to build a lasting and trusting relationship with each client to guarantee our respect for confidentiality and the finesse of the support provided.

Executive search

Halcyon Executive’s strengh lies in: 
  • Understanding and supporting a need through :
    • our capacity to analyse the organisation and its governance;
    • our appropriation of its operating methods;
    • our political reading of the principles that hold sway over it.
  • Investigation, Halcyon Executive’s DNA:
    • a direct method of approach:
      • head-hunting of high-level profiles according to specific skills;
      • organisational charts analysis and relevant profiles proposals ;
    • tools in line with an always-evolving labour market
    • making good use of of our experienced consultants’ strengths :
      • rallying networks;
      • diffusion via professional associations.
  • Decision-making support: 
    • evaluation and real-life situation;
    • prognosis elaboration for the integration of the workforce.
  • Guaranteed results to enhance your image:
    • proactive proposals ; 
    • tailor-made response; 
    • recruitment process secured;
    • post-recruitment consultancy and integration follow-up.

Leadership advisory

The systemic approach, a Halcyon Executive specialty:

  • Making entire ecosystems our own through:
    • the analysis of complex environments, for a tailor-made methodology;
    • a circular reflection mode, to understand how parameters relate to one another.
  • A fast operational response thanks to:
    • a precise mapping method for optimal use of the system and its synergies;
    • a deciphering of personalities to aim at the adequacy of values and methods.

Mastering the challenges of each environment.

Organisational strategy consultancy


Our conviction: the perfect organisation doesn’t exist… but we can define an ideal and try to reach it. 

As a specialist in organisational auditing, Halcyon Executive offers concrete and sustainable actions to reach your objectives:

  • improve internal process to increase efficiency;
  • tame dysfunctions;
  • strengthen value-generating assets.

Assessment & development centre

The assessment centre: understanding who you are to know what to aim at.

The Halcyon Executive Assessment Centre’s personalised evaluation frameworks put candidates in real-life situations, to: 

  • go beyond skills and target a potential in its entirety;
  • meet a specific recruitment or reorganisation need;
  • secure a decision.

Our Assessment Centre offers concrete situations with a projection into a real environment. The criteria are chosen according to the organisation methods and objectives and enable us to define a tailor-made managerial reference framework.

The result is not only the choice of the most suitable professional personality, but also an informed prognosis for its integration.